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Rubber Tiled Pavers

Rubber Tiled Pavers are manufactured from rubber granule material bound together using a polyurethane – based solution. Runner Tiled Pavers are bound by diphenyl-methane-diisocyanate (MDI) prepolymer with monomer and polymer portions.

The binder is added to the granules forming 5 – 10% of the resulting substance which is then pressed to individual pavers at temperatures of 120ºC to 150ºC.

Product components (tire rubber and hardened binder), can cause no harm to human health or the environment. Material used is 100% recyclable.

Along with Rolled Rubber Slab, this product is commonly used in:

  • Health & Fitness Resorts
  • Golf Resorts
  • Weight Rooms
  • Sports Arenas
  • Animal Stalls
  • Aerobic Areas
  • Pool Areas

    And much more! These products can be used both inside and outside.

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