Preventive Maintenance

A Roll Coat is recommended for all Poured in Place surfaces as
the leading way to keep the life of the surface looking new. The
installation is rolled with a MDI Urethane, goes on clear and covers and
penetrates the top layer. It protects the surface life and helps add UV
protection, which can dry out and damage the surface over time. We
recommend you apply your first roll coat approximately one year after
installation and approximately every 2-3 years for heavy traffic area and
every 3-5 years for light or moderate traffic areas. However, if surface is
in direct sunlight it should it be treated as a heavy traffic area.

The use of inappropriate foot wear could damage the life of the surface
i.e. high heels, heavy boots.

WARNING Playground equipment and any surfacing area under and
around may be hot and could burn bare skin.