Safety Surface



  • Work to include suppling materials, equipment and labor to install Safety Surface rubber granular flooring as shown on estimate.
  • Cast-in-place concrete, compacted crushed stone or tarmac
  • Supply a list of all colors available.
  • Delivering materials to job site and handle in a manner which will prevent and insure protection from all elements that may cause damage to products.
  • Safety Surface is covered completely against manufacture defects and installation for one year..


  • Recycled granular or virgin rubber flooring and accessory materials shall be as produced by Safety Surface Incorporated.
  • Granules – Pure vulcanized S.B.R. and E.P.D.M. rubber granules ranging in size from 1-1.5mm maximum/minimum dimension to 1-4mm maximum/minimum dimension. E.P.D.M shall be UV stable and colorfast in exterior environments.
  • Resin binder shall be 100% urethane and contain no TDI
  • Primer – Resin thinned with acetate.
  • Finish Coatings – Polyurethane where necessary.
  • Finished Product: Shall meet or exceed ASTM F 1292 G-Max and HIC. Contractor need only meet the approved standard. A higher rating than the standard does not necessarily mean a superior product.
  • Finished Floor Properties:
  • Surface to withstand 60-psi.
  • Surface to be slip resistant when wet or dry.
  • Surface to be fungus and bacteria resistant.
  • Surface to have chemical resistance (treated surface immersed for 24 hours) so that there is no effect from oil, lye, hydrochloric acid, animal fat, grease, acetone, tolidine, alcohol, blood, chlorine, urine, detergents and insect spray.


  • Two-tier system- Base mat to be SBR recycled material with a topcoat of EPDM granules.
  • Permeability- Base coat and top coat to be porous to 1.5 litres per minute per square foot.
  • Designs- Any patterns or designs will be approved prior to start of project. All drawings will be to scale and will be on auto cad.


The system should be tested to the following standard:

  • Hardness: ASTM D-2444 94recovery
  • Water Absorption: ASTM D-530 +6.5
  • Ultraviolet Resistance: ASTM D-3137
  • Fungal Resistance: no growth
  • Bacteria Resistance: no growth
  • ASTM F 1292 (HIC less than 1000, Gmax less than 200)
  • Flame Resistance Grade 2
  • Accelerated: weathering no change after 2000 hours
  • Freeze /Thaw: no change after 30 days at minus 50 in 24 hour period

Work Performed

  • All surfaces will be inspected prior to application problems with any surface will be noted and the owner or manager will be notified. Installation will not proceed until all problems are fixed and inspected. Unless specified the owner is responsible for the base surface.
  • Cleaning of the base surface with broom or power washer as needed.
  • Form edge with edging or forms as needed.


  • One coat of primer will be applied to the base surface.
  • Base should be mixed with urethane at a ratio of 88% rubber to 12% resin by weight.
  • Base coat should not be compacted and should contain no foreign agents.
  • Thickness of the base coat will be determined by the fall height of the equipment on the playground.
  • Safety Surface top coat mix selected EPDM color rubber formulated with resin in a non porus container at a resin to granule ratio of 80% rubber and 20% resin by weight.
  • Safety Surface top coat should be at least ¼” and no more than ¾” thick.
  • The product is to be mixed with an electric mixer to ensure complete saturation of each rubber granule. The resin is applied to the rubber within the mixer at a set rate and for at least 3 minutes to achieve the correct consistency.

Safety and Health:

  • During mixing or applying resins or solvents latex gloves must be worn and changed regularly
  • If contact is made to the skin with the resin or solvents wash immediately using suggested detergents and water.
  • Installers are to wear rubber kneepads with Velcro straps when trowelling product.
  • All MSDS sheets should be on site during installation. Read these prior to installation

Area Protection

  • Safety tape or barricades are required to prevent any and all traffic on finished surface for a 24 hour period. This is very important especially on projects that take more than one day to complete.

Clean Up

All tools, equipment, and trash will be removed when job is complete.